Best Drug Rehab Centers in Riverside

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Riverside Pacific Manor Recovery

What is Drug Rehab Like?

One of the questions that many people who commit to treatment for their substance use disorders has revolved around what they will experience during their time in addiction treatment. The answer to that, however, is specific to the type of treatment program that you opt to commit to. For example, your treatment plan will be slightly different if you have a dual diagnosis. During a dual diagnosis treatment plan, not only is your drug or alcohol addiction addressed but so is an underlying mental health condition. The focus of dual diagnosis is to treat both conditions and trigger a plan which revolves around relapse prevention.

There are other people who may be well suited for a medication-assisted treatment plan. During a medication-assisted treatment plan, your treatment team will incorporate certain types of medication into your overall treatment program. These medications can help you to better manage the cravings that you may experience or block certain receptors when it comes to the impact that your drug or drink of choice has when you consume it. The type of medication that you take during a medication-assisted treatment plan is something that your treatment team will discuss with you in more detail as you begin to navigate through your recovery program.

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When is it Time for Drug Rehab?

There are many signs that you should be aware of in terms of when is the right time to begin a drug rehab program. For example, if you notice that your health is starting to be negatively impacted by your substance abuse, that is a clear red flag that it’s time to commit to treatment. Also, if you realize that your addictive behavior has driven away important relationships in your life or you have lost your job or there is a possibility that you could lose your job as a result of your addiction, these are all clear signs that it’s time for you to commit to an addiction treatment program.

Why Seek Professional Help for Drug Addiction

A recovery program in Riverside California provides you with the best opportunity to overcome your addiction once and for all. There are many people who mistakenly think that drug and alcohol treatment is just so that you can work through the physical impacts of addiction. However, the reality is that the recovery resources that you will be exposed to during your time in rehab near Santa Barbara will help to keep you focused and motivated to remain sober long after you complete your treatment plan. If you decide to partner with the addiction specialists at Pacific Manor, you can expect to find a professional and caring team of individuals who will help you put together a personalized treatment plan which will take your individual needs into consideration.

Drug Rehab Levels of Care

When a person is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, they may feel as though every aspect of their world and their life is out of control. However, once they fall into the trap of drug addiction or alcohol addiction, that person requires professional help and assistance in order to truly tackle this disease. There are several rehab centers in Riverside California including Pacific Manor which offer comprehensive addiction programs that will help you to conquer your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all. From treatment plans which allow you to live on campus such as residential treatment programs to treatment programs that provide you more flexibility such as outpatient rehab, when you’re truly ready to conquer your addiction, finding a treatment facility that gives you the opportunity to modify your treatment plan and make it personalized to you is critical.

Drug Detox: The First Step in Addiction Treatment

Before you can begin your formal addiction program, it’s possible that you may need to work through a detox program. Once an alcohol and drug addiction has set in, your body becomes used to consuming that substance. Within just a few hours from the time that you take your substance of choice, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms which can make it impossible for you to care for yourself. During a detox, you will have the medical assistance that you need to manage these withdrawal symptoms. Top-of-the-line drug treatment facilities will typically offer a detox plan that will last approximately seven days with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms manifesting within the first three days. Once you complete your alcohol and drug detox plan, you will be in a much better place both physically and psychologically to being to tackle your addiction treatment.
Inpatient Drug Rehab

A treatment option that you have when you’re ready to commit to your recovery is inpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab is also commonly known as residential treatment. This treatment option gives you the chance to live on the campus of your treatment facility of choice and enjoy the round-the-clock care from your treatment team that you experienced during the time that you were in detox. During residential treatment, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re living in a safe and sober environment where you can exclusively focus on yourself and your well-being.

Outpatient Rehab

If you have full-time or even part-time school or work responsibilities, then the better treatment option for you may be an outpatient treatment program. The reason for this is that an outpatient program such as an intensive outpatient program or a general outpatient program may provide you with more flexibility when it comes to designing your treatment program around these other important responsibilities. If your work or school schedule changes during the time that you’re in treatment, simply let your recovery team know so that they can make these key adjustments.

Aftercare and Sober Living After Rehab

Aftercare and sober living can provide you with the additional support that you need as you transition into your normal schedule of life after the time that you were in treatment. Aftercare and sober living still provide you with recovery resources that can help when it comes to relapse prevention, however, the focus of these programs will help you to live your life now that you’re a sober individual. The length of time that you spend in aftercare or sober living is a conversation that you will have with your team once you get toward the end of your initial treatment program.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

The cost associated with your treatment plan isn’t something that can be projected ahead of time. Instead, it’s something that your treatment team will help you to calculate once they have a better idea of your needs. For instance, if you require a higher level of care, then there is a stronger possibility that the cost associated with your treatment plan may be higher. If you have concerns about cost, be sure to speak to your treatment team about it. If you have private insurance, for example, then you may find that your insurance carrier can cover all if not most of the cost of your treatment.

How to Prepare for Drug Rehab

There are several ways that you can prepare for your time in drug addiction treatment. Something helpful would be to speak with your recovery team regarding anything that you should or shouldn’t bring with you to treatment. For instance, if you’re planning on committing to an inpatient program, you will probably be told to bring a certain amount of clothes with you along with any toiletries that you may need during that time. However, there are also certain things that you may be advised not to bring with you.

Another good rule of thumb is to speak with your friends and family members about the fact that you’re going to drug addiction treatment. Your treatment team will likely encourage your friends and family to have an active role in your addiction treatment plan if this is something that you feel comfortable with. However, you may come to find that having that family interaction can serve as a system of support that you may not have known was possible or even there due to your active addiction. Keep in mind that you and your loved ones will have the opportunity to participate in family therapy during the time that you’re in addiction treatment which can also help to bring your family back together again.

Drug Rehab and Detox at Pacific Manor in Riverside

From offering a top-of-the-line detox center to personalized inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment programs, you can rest assured that you will receive the support and care that you need during this critical stage in your recovery journey. We understand that alcohol and drug addiction is something that impacts every person differently which is why we take the time to work with each client on an individual basis when it comes to developing an addiction treatment plan. For more information about the treatment plans that we have available in Riverside, we encourage you to get in touch with us at (888) 300-4370.