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Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Riverside CA Pacific Manor Recovery

Top-Rated Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Riverside, CA

Any person that has ever struggled with an addiction to drugs will tell you that the internal battle that you feel and experience is something that can be overwhelming and impossible to manage on your own. However, this disease will make you feel as though it is something that you need to do all by yourself. The disease will tell you that there is no one else in the world that quite understands exactly how you are feeling and, as a result, this could drive you further and further into the spiral of addiction. However, recovery is always possible when you’re ready to leave the influence of drugs in your past. When you come to one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, CA, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the hands of a talented group of addiction experts who can help you to manage the ebbs and flows of your recovery. We take a personal approach to treatment in the sense that we take the opportunity to get to learn more about you and the goals that you have for yourself and your long-term recovery.

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What is Drug Rehab Like?

Your time in one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, CA will primarily be spent participating in different forms of therapy. While taking part in therapy may be difficult or psychologically painful at times, it’s necessary because it will help you work through the emotions and feelings that may be driving you to use your drug of choice. Some examples of the type of therapy that we offer at Pacific Manor include:

Group therapy: Group therapy will help you to develop your system of support during your recovery. If you have ever been to a 12-step meeting, you will notice that a group therapy session and a 12-step meeting will have several similarities. You will get to meet people that are going through their own recovery and be able to learn from their insight and experiences and you will get to share your thoughts on the different topics at hand.

Behavioral therapy: During the time that you were in active addiction, there is a high probability that you would react in certain ways that a sober person wouldn’t. This type of negative learned behavior is something that we will help you to work on through behavioral treatment when you come to our facility.

Individual therapy: We realize that there may be certain aspects of your life that you don’t feel comfortable sharing in a group setting. Although we will strongly encourage you to participate in group therapy as much as possible, we will also set you up with a time for individual therapy. During individual therapy, you will meet with a member of our addiction team in a more personalized setting so that you can begin to work through some of the psychological impacts of your addiction.

How Long Do Drug Rehabilitation Programs Last?

A common misconception is that when a person makes the decision to come to one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, they will need to spend an indefinite amount of time in treatment. The reality is that your time in treatment is meant to provide you with the tools and the resources that you need to make solid changes in your life as a way to improve the quality of your life and remove the presence of addiction from your life. Treatment programs can last anywhere between 30 and 90 days after you complete a detox program. Keep in mind that you can always extend your recovery program if needed.

Riverside Drug Rehab Levels of Care

One of the things that make us one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, CA is the fact that we recognize that every client that comes to one of our facilities needs and deserves a specialized and individualized level of care. Regardless of your drug of choice or the severity of your addiction, we pride ourselves on treating every client with the same care and consideration that they not only but that they deserve as they begin to navigate through the ins and outs of their recovery.

Drug Detox Centers Riverside

Before you can begin a treatment plan through the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, CA, you may need to work through a detox program first. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration to determine whether or not a detox program is the best route for you to take. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that you should never attempt to go through the detox process unless you are under the care of trained medical professionals that have a clear understanding of the support that you need as you begin to go through withdrawal.

Your detox program will last approximately seven days, however, you will experience the worst of your withdrawal symptoms within the first 72 days from the time that you last take your drug of choice. Although your withdrawal symptoms will probably begin on the milder side, they will continue to grow in intensity and usually peak on the third day of detox. After that point, you will begin to feel more like yourself which will help you to plan for your time in a longer-term treatment plan.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Riverside

An inpatient program is unique in the sense that this type of program allows you to live on our campus throughout the course of your recovery. Regardless of the length of your treatment plan, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that a member of our team will be continuously available to see to any of your needs. We will also provide you with a safe and protected environment where you will be able to recover in a relaxed atmosphere.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Riverside

Do you work or go to school full or part-time? Perhaps because of your personal responsibilities, you simply don’t have the flexibility to commit to an inpatient program? An outpatient program is a perfect solution. Our outpatient programs give you the opportunity to work through the different factors of your addiction while still seeing to these important responsibilities. Our recovery team will take your current schedule into account as we are helping you to formulate a plan when coming to our facility.

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab Riverside

We wouldn’t be considered to be one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside if we didn’t recognize the fact that many of our clients may need both assistance when it comes to working through their addiction as well as issues that they may be experiencing when it comes to their mental health and well-being. This type of treatment is commonly referred to as dual diagnosis treatment.

It’s not out of the ordinary for a person to come to our treatment facility and be completely unaware of the fact that they are suffering from a mental illness. In many ways, an addiction can help to mask the presence of a mental health issue. For example, if a person is struggling with addiction, they may turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to try to cope with what they are feeling. When you begin to work with the team at the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, CA, we will pay special attention as to whether or not you may be being impacted by a mental illness so that we can treat this condition at the same time as your addiction treatment. Taking this step will provide you with the best opportunity to overcome your addiction once and for all and also provide you with a more stable mental foundation as you begin this new stage of your life.

MAT Drug Rehab Riverside

A MAT program also referred to as a medically assisted treatment plan, entails incorporating certain medications into your therapeutic program. The medication that we will introduce will be dependent on your drug of choice, your medical history as well as the severity of your addiction. We will also never suggest any medications that you may feel uncomfortable with or would cause you to substitute one addiction for another.

Why Choose Pacific Manor for Drug Rehab

At Pacific Manor, we pride ourselves on offering our clients nothing but the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, CA. We recognize the stress and chaos that is typically associated with addiction and work personally with every person to help them develop a program that will help them to get to a place in their life where they can feel comfortable and confident in their own skin without the need to consume any type of substance. For more information about why Pacific Manor is one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Riverside, CA, please give us a call today at (888) 300-4370. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.