Drug Rehab Centers that Accept Medi-Cal

Drug Rehab Centers That Accept MediCal Pacific Manor Recovery

Attend Drug Rehab with Medi-Cal Insurance

One of the main concerns among clients that would like to come to Pacific Manor for treatment revolves around finances. While Pacific Manor does accept private insurance, we understand that private insurance is not always an option for some patients due to financial constraints which is why our treatment facility accepts clients whose primary form of insurance is Medi-Cal.

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Medi-Cal, also known as the California Medical Assistance Program, was developed for no or low-income individuals who do not have private health insurance. There are numerous medical services that are offered through Medi-Cal. From prescription drugs to maternity and newborn care, Medi-Cal has made a tremendous impact on the lives of countless people who genuinely need medical care and simply do not have the resources to pay for it on their own.

It’s important to remember that, oftentimes, one of the first steps in overall recovery is finding a Medi-Cal drug rehab that also offers a detox program. Detox is critical in your physical and psychological well-being. Many people don’t realize that within just a few hours from the time that you last took your drug of choice, you may begin to experience certain withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of thinking that they can manage their withdrawal symptoms on their own. This could be a potentially deadly mistake.

During detox, you will experience symptoms that can impact you in every way possible. This is your body’s way of removing the influence of drugs from your system. Most people that need to come to our detox program will need to spend at least a week in treatment. Keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms can present themselves quickly. In fact, you will likely begin to feel the impact of withdrawal within just a few hours. You will feel the worst of your symptoms between the first and third day of detox and overall begin to feel better between the fifth and the seventh day. Once you’re through the worst of the detox process, you can then begin to plan for your comprehensive drug treatment plan.

Residential Rehab with Medi-Cal

One of the common misconceptions among people that are on Medi-Cal is that when they come to one of the drug rehab centers that accept Medi-Cal they will receive subpar treatment because of the fact that they are taking advantage of this type of program. That is not the case when you partner with the tame at Pacific Manor. One of the treatment options that we offer at Pacific Manor is residential treatment. We recognize the fact that our clients come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Therefore, it’s possible that you may find yourself in a position where you’re in an environment that may jeopardize your sobriety or you’re living with a person that may be suffering from their own form of addiction which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for you to maintain your sobriety.

When you decide to enroll in a residential rehab program through Pacific Manor, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a safe and sober environment to live in during this important stage of your recovery. We will provide you with all of the amenities that you would expect to find in a home away from home type of environment. From beautiful surroundings to your own bed as well as unlimited access to our team.

Along with the benefit of living on campus with us, you will also participate in different forms of therapy throughout your time at our residential treatment center. The reason for this is that taking part in counseling will help you not only uncover the root cause of your addiction but help you to take steps to heal from it. One of the main forms of counseling that we offer is group therapy. Group therapy and a 12-step meeting are very similar in multiple ways. First and foremost, group therapy gives you the unique opportunity to connect with other clients that are working through their own program. You will probably come to find that although their experiences aren’t identical to yours, they are very similar which can help you to develop a supportive relationship with them.

Another type of therapy that you will experience at Pacific Manor is individual therapy. As addiction experts, we recognize that you may not always feel comfortable sharing your history of addiction or trauma in a group setting. Individual therapy gives you the chance to speak to a member of our team on a personal basis so that you can work toward healing and overcoming the different negative emotions that you have regarding certain events in your life. These sessions are also a great opportunity to review your current treatment plan and how you are progressing.

Outpatient Rehab with Medi-Cal

Did you know that it’s possible to receive help to address your addiction and work or go to school at the same time? In fact, this is fairly common. While we will always recommend that you utilize our residential treatment program when possible, we understand that that isn’t always possible for many of the potential clients that reach out to us. We recommend that you let us know your work or school schedule when you initially reach out to us. This way, we can try to help you plan a recovery program that is conducive to your routine. If your schedule changes or you need to make adjustments for other reasons, just let us know and we will work with you on an alternative plan.

Even if you opt to work through an outpatient program, you will still take part in the same forms of therapy as our residential clients and you can still expect to get the same high level of care. If there is anything you feel that we can do for you to make your time in outpatient treatment more successful, let us know and we will do everything that we can to cater to your request.

How to Find a Drug Rehab Center That Accepts Medi-Cal

An important step in your recovery process is locating drug rehab centers that accept Medi-Cal. You have a few options when it comes to this part of the process. Here are some options that you have:

Reach Out to The State

Representatives from the state of California may be able to help point you in the right direction when it comes to drug rehab centers that accept Medi-Cal. Once you’re approved for this type of insurance, your HMO provider will also provide you with different resources when it comes to finding drug rehab centers that accept Medi-Cal.

Start Making Phone Calls

Another option that you have is to begin to make phone calls to different facilities. You can always do some research online and narrow down a list of facilities that you think that you may live in. If the insurance information isn’t readily available online, then your next step would be to call and speak to a member of their team. Without question, we believe that we are the best facility in the area both accept Medi-Cal and also provides you with a level of care that is second to none. We’re happy to take the time to speak with clients regarding their questions or concerns so that they feel more comfortable in making the decision to come to Pacific Manor for treatment.

Ask for Help From Friends or Family Members

Asking for help when you’re ready to receive care is a clear sign that you’re truly ready to commit to a treatment plan. Although addiction tends to be a family disease, if a friend or family member is willing to help you make phone calls to different treatment facilities, you may want to take advantage of this offer due to the fact that your loved ones may be able to absorb different pieces of important information, especially if you are still lost in the trap of active addiction. At Pacific Manor, we always reinforce the fact that your family will play an important role in your long-term recovery and encourage them to reach out to us whenever possible.

Why Choose Pacific Manor Recovery for Drug Rehab

At Pacific Manor, we do everything that we can to give you the best opportunity to overcome your addiction once and for all. From different treatment options to the chance to adjust your treatment program according to your needs, we understand that it’s critical for us to personalize your plan for recovery.

If you’re ready to learn more about Medi-Cal drug rehab, our team is here to assist you. Don’t live another day caught in the black hole of addiction. Reach out to us today at (888) 300-4370 and find out what steps you can take to overcome your drug addiction. Our staff is available around the clock to provide you or your family members with the answers to any of the questions that you have regarding your treatment options.