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Riverside Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Think about the last time that you felt sad. This emotion likely stopped you in your tracks for a period of time. Now think about what it would feel like if you continuously felt sad to the point where you felt completely hopeless and lost. As the days went back, you felt more and more depressed and became desperate for anything that will help you to feel happier. Sadly, there are many people that fall into this category throughout the Riverside, CA area. While there are some that reach out for proper care and help to address their mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression, there are countless others who are embarrassed by their condition. As a result, they try to find their own way of coping. One of the ways that people cope with mental health disorders is by turning to drugs to help to ease the psychological burden that they are feeling. Although during the moments that they are under the influence of their drug of choice, you may feel wonderful, those moments are short-lived and puts you in a position of feeling worse than you did before you took that drug. However, once addiction sets in, you put yourself in a position where you are continuously chasing those moments of happiness because the disease tells you that that is the thing that you need. Once you come to the realization that you’re struggling with addiction and possibly a mental illness, making the decision to come to one of our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Riverside, CA is one of the best choices that you can make for yourself. Through dual diagnosis treatment, you will be able to receive the care that you need to address both your mental health concerns as well as your issues with addiction.

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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment combines focusing on not only conquering your issues with addiction but also identifying and treating any mental health issues. In some cases, the clients that reach out to one of our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Riverside, CA have recognized that they need help in working through their addiction, however, they are unaware that they have a mental health disorder. There are other times where a person knows that they are struggling with both conditions. Regardless of which category that you fall into, you can count on our recovery team to provide you with the support that you need to come to a healthier plan in your life even though you have these co-occurring disorders.

What are Common Co-Occurring Disorders?

There are several types of co-occurring disorders that we treat at our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Riverside, CA. Here are just a few examples:

  • Panic disorder and alcohol abuse
  • Depression and cocaine addiction
  • A personality disorder combined with drug or alcohol addiction
  • Schizophrenia and prescription drug abuse

Realistically, the list of co-occurring disorders could go on indefinitely. If there is a possibility that you may be struggling with a co-occurring disorder, we recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can put a plan in place that will help to address it.

Addiction and Mental Health

The state of your mental health can have a direct impact on the choices that you make. For instance, if you’re depressed, it’s possible that you may make questionable choices in order to make yourself feel better. If you’re anxious, you may do everything you can or take anything that you can in order to calm yourself down. The trap in this way of thinking, however, is that taking these extreme steps or turning to drugs and alcohol doesn’t actually help you to feel better for a long period of time. Instead, all they do is exacerbate the situation and will only make you sicker both physically as well as psychologically.

What to Expect at a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

One of the reasons why we are considered to be one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Riverside, CA is because we take a personalized approach to recovery. We understand that every person is different in terms of their needs when it comes to this type of recovery which is why we take the opportunity to get to learn more about you as a person instead of just someone that is trying to combat addiction. From there, we will help you to develop a plan that is specific to you which will include talk therapy as well as interacting on a regular basis with our team and other clients which will help you to truly tackle your addiction.

How Can Dual Diagnosis Treatment Help with Addiction Recovery

There are several tremendous benefits associated with receiving dual diagnosis treatment and how taking this approach can help you to achieve and maintain lifelong sobriety such as:

Identifying the root cause of your substance abuse

Before you can truly heal from the impact of your addiction, it’s critical that you understand what may have happened in your life to trigger it. For many people, their substance abuse resulted in experiencing some form of trauma. It’s possible that this trauma may have also triggered their mental health issue as well. When you come to our Riverside dual diagnosis addiction treatment center, you will have the benefit of working with a team of addiction experts that can help you to identify and address these events in your life in a way that will not retraumatize you or cause you more physical or psychological pain.


We speak with clients and family members every day who are unaware of the fact that addiction isn’t a choice but a disease. When you come to one of our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Riverside, CA, you will learn more about the disease of addiction and how this disease can have a direct and lasting effect on your mental health. Remember, we’re always happy to speak to friends or family members too not only to educate them about this disease but also to provide them with more information about your condition and your progression in treatment.

Coping skills

Learning how to cope with how you are feeling physically and psychologically as a result of co-occurring disorders isn’t something that you pick up naturally. Instead, you need to learn more about the healthy reactions to certain situations, especially if your reactions have been skewed as a result of your mental health or addiction.

Drug Detox Riverside, CA

Regardless of whether you plan on working through our Riverside dual diagnosis addiction treatment or you’re interested in focusing on a different recovery plan, it’s likely that you will need to begin your recovery in detox. The reason for this is that once your addiction gets to a certain point, it will be impossible for you to simply stop taking this drug without any type of physical or psychological consequence. The detox phase of your recovery journey can be dangerous due to the unpredictability of withdrawal symptoms which is why we encourage you to never attempt to go through the detox process alone. Instead, you should always surround yourself with trained medical professionals who can care for you during this critical stage of your recovery.

Drug Rehab Riverside, CA

Your time at our drug rehab in Riverside can last anywhere between 30 and 90-days with the opportunity to extend your treatment plan at any time. For example, there are many people that feel more comfortable beginning their recovery treatment with a 30-day inpatient program and continuing their treatment plan through one of our outpatient programs. Our team will coordinate with you to determine the best fit for you based on your current situation and possible professional responsibilities.

Therapy will also be a key factor when you come to one of our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Riverside, CA. You will participate in various forms of therapy as a way to help you to heal and recover. Although it’s true that there may be certain therapy sessions that are difficult or uncomfortable, we strive to always provide you with the type of environment that will help to encourage you to share which is something that will only assist you in your recovery in the long wrong.

Why Choose Pacific Manor for Dual Diagnosis Treatment Riverside, CA

At Pacific Manor, our focus is on providing you with the chance to live a healthy life that is free of drugs and helps you to feel stable when it comes to your mental health. With years of industry experience, you can count on our team to take care of you both physically and psychologically which is why our facility has developed into one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Riverside, CA. If you would like to learn more about what you can expect when you come to our Riverside dual diagnosis addiction treatment center, we encourage you to get in touch with us today at (888) 300-4370.