Healing the Liver From Alcohol Abuse

Healing The Liver From Alcohol Abuse Pacific Manor Recovery

How Alcohol Affects the Liver

Many people don’t realize how much alcohol affects the normal functions of their bodies. Although they recognize the fact that heavy drinking can impede them from doing certain things, the reality is that drinking alcohol can have a direct impact on the overall health and well-being of your life. Unfortunately, damage to the liver as a result of drinking alcohol is fairly common for a person that has had alcohol issues including chronic drinking and binge drinking.

One of the main ways that alcohol affects the liver is due to the fact that alcohol causes fat to accumulate in the liver. This is something that is commonly referred to as a fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is a gateway in many ways to other conditions that can negatively impact the function of your liver. For example, fatty liver disease can easily lead to inflammation of the liver and alcohol cirrhosis.

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Signs of Liver Damage

There are several signs that you may have liver damage as a result of your heavy drinking some of the telltale signs include:

  • Yellow coloration of the skins or the whites of your eyes
  • Discomfort in your upper right abdomen
  • Feeling continuously tired

One of the difficult aspects of liver damage is the fact that there are very few symptoms associated with the condition. Typically, liver disease is something that’s diagnosed through images taken of your liver or through blood tests. If you have struggled with alcoholism, it’s imperative that your treatment team perform these tests to ensure that you have the physical care and treatment that you need to address any of the negative impacts that heavy

Is The Liver Repairable After Heavy Drinking?

One of the questions that many people have when it comes to liver damage is whether or not this type of damage is something that is permanent. Unfortunately, there isn’t one straightforward answer to this. It truly depends on the extent of your liver damage. For example, if you are still in the beginning stages of this condition, then it’s possible that the liver will be able to heal itself as you start to recover. However, if the damage is extreme, then you will need to work closely with an addiction treatment team to address these serious issues and concerns.

Healing The Liver

The most effective way to start the process of healing your liver is to stop drinking. The liver is a remarkable organ in the sense that it will start to heal itself once you stop drinking as long as your drinking isn’t something that has caused permanent damage to your liver. Trying to manage to heal your liver is not something that you should attempt to do on your own. It’s critical that you collaborate with an addiction treatment team that can provide you with the insight that you need as you begin to work through the ins and outs of the extent of your liver condition.

Healthy Diet

Regardless of whether or not your drinking has impacted your liver, incorporating a healthy diet into your normal routine is something that can be positive for your overall addiction recovery. When you partner with a top-rated addiction treatment center, you will have the opportunity to work with their team to develop a routine that includes a healthy diet. This is something that can transition over into your long-term recovery program and should hopefully be something that sticks with you for the rest of your life.

Finding An Alcohol Rehab

One of the most important steps that you can take when it comes to addressing not only liver damage but your overall addiction is to find a treatment facility that can help you to overcome both issues. There are several things that you should take into consideration when it comes to finding the best alcohol rehab for you. Here are a few examples:


Do you want to stay close to home or travel further away? This is an important question. There are some people who do not want to travel further away from home for a myriad of issues. There are many other people who feel as though they need to remove themselves from the people, places, and things that may be negatively impacting their sobriety. Although this is a personal decision, it’s one that you should always make with the help and insight from your treatment team.


Finances are an important element in your life, therefore, it only makes sense that it would be one of the considerations when it comes to your treatment plan. There are many addiction treatment centers that accept coverage from private insurance providers which can help to offset the cost associated with your addiction treatment program. An excellent recommendation is to reach out to your treatment facility and your insurance provider to learn more about your options.

Pacific Manor Alcohol Rehab

At Pacific Manor, we believe that it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with the alcohol addiction information that they need to understand the consequences of liver diseases as well as providing them with the addiction resources that they need to make the best decision for them when it comes to addiction treatment. When you make the decision to partner with Pacific Manor for alcohol addiction care, we will do a comprehensive medical analysis on you to determine if there is damage to the liver. From there, we will help you to put together a treatment program so that you can quit alcohol once and for all.

Although you may be ready to stop drinking alcohol, one of the first things that you may have to do is to go through an alcohol detox program to remove the influence of alcohol from your mind and body. Before you begin a detox, there are several questions that our addiction treatment team may have for you. For example, it’s important for us to know when you started drinking alcohol, and how much consumed alcohol you ingest on a regular basis so that we can assess the severity of your addiction. For instance, it may be possible to repair liver damage if you are still in the beginning stages of your addiction. However, if you have years of substance abuse, it’s possible that you may have developed alcohol cirrhosis which requires a unique form of treatment. From there, our substance abuse treatment team will transition you into an alcohol detox where you will likely go through different types of withdrawal symptoms. Once you have stopped drinking, these withdrawal symptoms can set in quite suddenly and make it impossible for you to properly care for yourself which is why it’s recommended that you reach out for help once you have made the choice to quit drinking.

The next step in the recovery process is to commit to an addiction treatment program that will help you to tackle the underlying causes of your addiction once and for all. One of the options that you have when it comes to addiction treatment is an inpatient recovery program. If you need to complete a detox program, an inpatient recovery program may be the best option for you because it provides you with the around-the-clock care that you experienced during the time that you were in detox. Also, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you can live in a safe and sober environment throughout the course of your treatment which can help to keep you focused on your overall recovery.

Unfortunately, there are several people who are unable to commit to an inpatient program for one reason or another. Whether there are conflicts with work or school, inpatient treatment simply isn’t always a viable option. However, a top-rated treatment center will also offer the option of outpatient treatment in the form of intensive outpatient care or general outpatient care. Both of these treatment options are more flexible in comparison to an inpatient treatment program. Your treatment team will work closely with you to ensure that you develop a treatment program that works for your work or school schedule while still giving you the full opportunity to be able to heal and recover from your alcohol addiction. Keep in mind that treatment programs can always change. For example, you may begin in an inpatient treatment program and then need to transition into an outpatient one.

Are you ready to learn more about ways that you can heal your liver after alcohol abuse? Perhaps you’re ready to commit to an addiction treatment program and remove the influence of alcohol from your life once and for all? If the answer is yes, then the Pacific Manor Treatment Center team is here to help you. We have helped people from all over the country to address their alcohol addiction and come to a better understanding of their physical and psychological health when they are struggling with addiction. For more information regarding what you can expect during this process, please get in touch with us today at (888) 300-4370.